Clinical contract research is a matter of trust.

Therefore, the most convincing way to justify the confidence in our services is to ensure their consistency and reliability.

At Conreso, quality is the first priority. Since years now, we have been constantly optimizing the criteria that are most significant to our clients: a smooth process, optimal price-performance ratio, and fast and individual customer support.

Conreso is a member of the Federal Association of Contract Research Organizations (BVMA) and submits itself to an independent, external system audit according to BVMA standards every three years.

                                                    Quality Management                                                        

Strict national and international regulations for all aspects of performing a clinical trial give quality assurance a continuously increasing significance.

                  Quality assurance                    

Conreso has its own independent Quality Assurance Department, whose range of services has been continuously expanded and optimized over the past years. 

Our Quality Assurance Department provides sponsors with the following services:
  • External site, study or system audits
  • Consulting for the establishment and optimization of a quality assurance and controlling system
   Quality standards throughout all processes 

The experience experts in this department guarantee the compliance with our high quality standards in all processes of clinical studies with:
  • the implementation and monitoring of an in-house Conreso SOP and guidelines system, which is continuously conformed to meet legal requirements
  • creation of study-specific SOPs according to customer requirements
  • comprehensive function-specific training for all Conreso employees, who are required to undergo a final written test to attest to the efficiency of the training
  • regularly conducted internal system audits and study-specific audits
  • detailed evaluation of external audits and inspections