A short overview of the history of Conreso.


Jürgen Schäfer founds cro muenchen GmbH to conduct studies in Germany according to FDA standards, which have not yet been established as standard practice in Europe at that time.

The new contract research organization, then located in the Sendlinger Street in the historic district of Munich, provides the pharmaceutical research industry with phase III studies according to FDA standards. American and Canadian sponsors form the initial customer base during those first years.


cro muenchen recruits over 17,000 subjects throughout Germany for the clinical trial of the efficacy and safety of a combined vaccine for the primary immunization of infants.

The successful completion of the study, which leads to the approval of the vaccine in the USA, grants cro muenchen much respect in the industry.


The rapid growth of the institute necessitates the first relocation to larger premises on Oberanger Street, also located in the Munich historical district.

The institute successfully passes its first FDA inspection.


The results of the second FDA inspection are also successful.


Customer satisfaction, continued growth: The second relocation is imperative. This time to Altheimer Eck, just a few steps away from the Munich Marienplatz. 


The clinical trial of the safety and tolerability of a new combined vaccine for the primary immunization of infants is a significant contribution which leads to the first approval of a six-fold vaccine in Europe.


cro muenchen becomes a member of the Federal Association of Contract Research Organizations (BVMA) following an invitation by the Association and the successful admission audit.


Another study is inspected by the FDA. In the "Establishment Inspection Report" (EIR) they announce:
"In general, cro muenchen maintains excellent records. cro muenchen's records are legible, contain thorough and detailed information, and are very well organized." 


The in-house Call Center for safety follow-up goes into service.


CConreso founds the joint venture Hannover Clinical Trial Center GmbH (HCTC) in collaboration with the Hanover Medical School (MHH). The HCTC, located on the premises of the MHH, begins to bundle the enormous research potential of this internationally renowned institution and make it accessible for clinical research.


Conreso becomes the first German contract research organization in industry that is accredited by the French Ministry of Education, Culture and Research (Ministere de l'Éducation nationale, de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche) with the "crédit d'impôt en faveur de la recherche" (authorization for tax-deductible research) after a corresponding evaluation process.
This accreditation enables Conreso sponsors residing in France to submit fees, paid to Conreso within the framework of respectively qualified research projects according to the French special program to advance research and development, for tax deductions.


cro muenchen goes Conreso. After over 17 years, cro muenchen changes its name to Conreso.

The relocation of the institute and the Call Center to their new rooms in the Neuhauser Street 47, directly at Karlstor, Munich's historic western city gate, follows. The Institute of Veterinary Medicine is founded in the Altheimer Eck premises.