3 of the top 5 world-ranking pharmaceutical industries are our regular Conreso customers.

The largest phase III clinical trial conducted by Conreso comprised a total of approximately 17,000 subjects.

Conreso contributed over 4,400 subjects to the globally conducted clinical trial of the safety and tolerability of a vaccine against rotavirus infections.

 Conreso Reception on November 20, 2007

On November 20, 2007, Conreso GmbH invited guests to a house-warming reception held in the new premises of their institute located at Neuhauser Straße 47, directly adjacent to Karlstor, the ancient western city gate. 

As an independent clinical contract research organization, the medium-sized enterprise offers services for the clinical testing of pharmaceutical products to the pharmaceutical research industry.

The institute belongs to the global premier league of its branch and is renowned for its outstanding competence in the clinical development of vaccines. Since 15 years, the export share of their services is a high 90 to 100%.

This is due to the fact that they are contracted by the major players in the pharmaceutical industry. And among these, Jürgen Schäfer complains, there are no more German companies: "Germany as the world's pharmacy - those days are long gone". The graduate biologist founded the institute in 1990, then under the name cro muenchen.

Now the company has moved into larger quarters and taken the opportunity to change its name to Conreso GmbH. Both events called for a celebration.

The 130 guests, predominantly from the fields of science and medicine, were told the latest news: The company had just founded an institute for veterinary medicine. Located at Altheimer Eck, also in the historical district of Munich, the new institute expands the service portfolio of the company to include the clinical development of veterinary medicine. 

Jürgen Schäfer announced the founding of the first subsidiary in a foreign European country in the coming year. Conreso has already collaborated with the Hanover Medical School (MHH) to found the joint venture Hannover Clinical Trial Center (HCTC). Their executive director, cardiologist Prof. Dr. Heiko von der Leyen, was accompanied by his wife, Ursula von der Leyen.

Mrs. von der Leyen, Federal Minister of Family Affairs, is also a doctor and holds an additional degree as "Master of Public Health". She was responsible for the instructional content at MHH for this international course of studies before she was appointed Minister of Health for Lower Saxony.

She therefore listened intently and critically to the celebration speech given by Prof. Dr. Heinz-Josef Schmitt, the long-standing Chairman of the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) of the Robert Koch Institute, on the topic of "Vaccinating yesterday and today - what have we learned for tomorrow?".

The sevenfold mother was full of praise for the company's 'mother and child office'. It enables parents who are Conreso employees to bring their children along to work with them, should the situation arise.


From left to right: Guest Speaker Prof. Dr. Heinz-Josef Schmitt (Novartis), Dr. Erika Harzer (Sanofi Pasteur MSD), Dr. Johann Küsters (former Director Conreso Institute of Veterinary Medicine), Dr. Ursula von der Leyen, Prof. Dr. Heiko von der Leyen (CEO Hannover Clinical Trial Center), Jürgen Schäfer